We are a very small experimental station. Once a year we offer a few state-of-the-art root-divisions to a handful of serious breeders, collectors, and gardeners. Per email-request, the new price list is at hand annually on September 14 at 14:00 (CET). Before this date, inquiries are pointless.

Warning: things are gone quickly here. On September 14 we sell out within hours, not days.  

We are not involved in ordinary mass-production of roots, aiming instead at bringing about shooting-stars in the sphere of peony-innovation. The plants we annually harvest are the result of decades of experimental work and rough manual labour.

In recent decades we have shipped plants to Australia, Belgium, Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Ukraine, USA, Latvia, Italy, UK, Denmark, Estonia, Belarus and France.

Most of our varieties have oversized flowers and therefore require mechanical support.  

Speedcloud peonies are suitable for breeding-programmes, shows, plant-collections, and home gardens. Most varieties are seed-fertile, with fast root-increase. Many of our double-flowered varieties are extremely early in flower, ahead of just about everything else.   


Speedcloud Peonies
Falköping, Sweden




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