We are a very small experimental station. Year after year sophisticated breeding-programmes bring to life numerous new peony-seedlings. These are then left to grow in the open air, undergoing massive testing and rigorous selection. Once a year we offer a very limited number of state-of-the-art root-divisions to a handful of serious breeders, collectors, and gardeners. Transportation is paid by the purchaser.

Each year’s price list is at hand on September 14 at 14:00 (CET). Warning: things are gone quickly here. Before this date, availability-information is not possible and plants cannot be reserved.

Acquisition often involves the event of becoming the near-exclusive owner of a new variety—with all that this means in terms of commercial value, breeding potential, or sheer excitement. We are not offering ordinary mass-produced roots, but shooting-stars in the sphere of peony-innovation. The plants we annually harvest are the first-fruits of decades of experimental work and rough labour.

Over the years we have shipped plants to Australia, Belgium, Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, USA, Latvia, Italy, UK, Denmark, Estonia, and France. Speedcloud varieties are suitable for breeding-programmes, shows, plant-collections, and home gardens. Most varieties are seed-fertile, with fast root-increase. A great many of our double-flowered varieties are extremely early in flower, noticeably ahead of more or less anything.  

Since most Speedcloud peonies have very voluminous and exceptionally petal-packed flowers, plants unconditionally need mechanical support before flower-buds open.


Speedcloud Peonies
Falköping, Sweden







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